about me 

Height: 5"11   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Black

A native Mexican actor with a great experience on its craft, energy and voice to mesmerize.

New York City, Monterrey MX, Mexico City, Cancún, Miami.

Currently in Mexico City.



Is There Such Thing as True Love    |   Damian   |   LATEA Theater   |   Enmanuel Villavicencio

Next Thing You Know   |   Darren   | Access Theater   |   Lola Lopez

Pablo's Kisses   |   Leo   |   TADA! Youth Theater   |   Hanna Carne

Blood Wedding   |  Bridegroom   |   Mary MacArthur Theater  |   Zenon Kruszelnicki

World Goes Round   |   The Bartender   |   Lester Martin Theater  |  Christopher McGovern

Grease   |   Danny Zuko   |  Convex Theater   |   Barbara Treviño

The Wiz   |   The Tin Man   |  Convex Theater   |   Barbara Treviño

Midsummer Nights Dream | Kraine Theater | Something From Abroad


Green Card   | Supporting   |   Imaginarium Lab   |   Anna Maria Alaimo

Tesoro Abandonado   |   Lead   |   René Vessi   |   René Vessi

In The Heights   |   Featured Performer   |   Warner Brothers   |   Jon M. Chu

The Deuce   | Bar Patron   |   HBO   |   Uta Briesewitz

Unexpecdate   |   Lead   |   American Acad. Of Dramatic Arts  |  David D. Bottrell

Two Trains Running   |   Lead   |   American Acad. Of Dramatic Arts  |   Jennifer L. Mann

Circo Fosforescente   |   Lead   |   René Vessi  |   René Guajardo Vessi

Hotel De Colores   |   Lead   |   René Vessi  |   René Guajardo Vessi

Oscuro   |   Supporting   |   René Vessi  |   René Guajardo Vessi

Studio   |    Supporting   |   NYU   |    Anna Dilena


LookAt   |   Lead   |   En Otro Plano  |   Jorge Lerdo De Tejada

Memorick   | Lead   |  Marcio Galiazzi

 Training & Workshops 

AADA  |   Acting   |   David Dean Bottrell, Zenon Kruszelnicki, Burke Pearson

AADA   |   Voice & Speech   |   Max Rosenak, Thomas Rene, Josh Moser

AADA  |   Movement   |  Angela Nahigian

AADA  |   Alexander Technique   |   Erin O'leary, Dana Calvey

AADA  |   Voice/ Singing   |   Jennifer Smolos, Christopher McGovern

AADA  |   Stage Combat   |   Dan Renkin

AADA  |   Dancing   |   Robert Tunstall

 Special Skills 

Dialects: Trained in IPA, Languages- Spanish (Mexican, Chicano, Spain, Argentine), English (Standard, General American, Received Pronunciation), French, Portuguese.

Proficient Singing Voice,  Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Drum Player (Adequate), 

Dancing (All Adequate: Ballet, Tango, Waltz), Jump Rope, Ice Skater, Hockey Goalie & Defence, Ping Pong, Piano (Limited), Football (Adequate), Soccer Player (Adequate), Muay Thai (Blue Belt), Proficient Skater & Longboard, Adequate Surfer,  Athletic (Bodybuilding/ Weight Lifting, Running, Crossfit, Calisthenics ), Able to do a Kip-Up, Shotgun Shooter On Skeet (Adequate), Swimmer, Snow Skiing, Horse Back Riding, BMX Cycling, I am able to take my t-shirt off in less than a second, Passport, Drivers licence.

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